+News: Moi Dix Mois

D+SECT, estará a la venta al fin este 15 de diciembre! Luego desde que de inicios del año estuviesen proclamando un nuevo albúm, finalmente este 24 de diciembre estarán presentando su lanzamiento en vivo en el evento Dis Inferno.

En su blog oficial, Mana habla de lo ocupado que ha estado terminando las grabaciones y trabajando en el albúm.

I decided on the day D SECT will go on sale, and I tried to make a new web flyer.
The members look good, don't they?

So, post this on your blogs, and it should liven things up to the album sale day!
& try to use it in public places where friends and such can see it.

I am still continuing on with recording work.

This reminds me of the time of MALICE MIZER's Merveilles recording,
we were very driven at that time, and the members would stay [over night] and work at the recording studio, and we would fight to improve…
Well in comparison to that, maybe theres a little bit of room for flexibility now?
Having said that, things will still be pretty noisy until some time around November.
Already, my eyes keep blinking and my body feels heavy…

However, the end is coming up before my eyes.

Since it is steadily becoming really cool as its being completed, please anticipate it.